Unconditional Love in Jesus, Nancy Testimony

Nancy and I are joining with Jesus to build bridges with the New Age tribe. Nancy came out of the New Age community and found true life, forgiveness and grace, deliverance from torment, and intimacy with God. You can too!

I had told Nancy how much I questioned the approach toward the New Age that many (Steven Bancarz in perticular) have taken. It seems to me it is the complete opposite approach Jesus is leading me to take. Some come with the burning bridges approach of “everything is evil” while I am hearing from Jesus that he wants to affirm what those in the New Age do have right and build bridges. He wants to give the “New Age” community a big hug and bring them into the Kingdom. And tend to think that many who consider themselves new age will experience the Kingdom long before most “Christians” will!

Nancy’s response:

About Steven Bancarz, he’s doing what he’s gotta do I guess. He had a huge new age platform so it was natural for him to come out like he did. Rough and raw, he needed to tell the world about his freedom and warn others about the lies. I give him a lot of slack.

It’s confusing, because as we said, new age/Satan uses some of the same words as we do. He’s a copy cat. Steven’s video on mystics for example. The word mystic means something different in new age.

It was a hard road for me not to feel danger in certain words. And since it’s our words that release life or death, ex new agers reject the ones that caused death to them.

Oh God is so good! Glory! I really love words, the true meanings, the roots, the Hebrew and Greek!!! It’s wonderful to have my mind renewed! Thank you Jesus … YOU are the word of God (word- divine expression) ohhhh GLORY to You my God

Because new age is intellectual, the demonic experiences in the words become etched in the mind of an ex new ager and they need lots of renewing! New age touched everything in my life! It was a “new” way of thinking about everything! When I had my bon fire everything went. When you come out of new age your eyes are open to truth and to the demons! They had fun trying to scare me! Lurking, sneering, mocking. It was crazy.
Yeah, I didn’t have to look for a demon under every bush they were in my face! Ha!

Most Christians refuse to listen to me when I warn them about dabbling in new age. It’s so hard to watch them when they slowly get deceived or lukewarm. These intellectual demons draw people away by their lust for knowing. In God, in Christ, are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The anointing teaches us all things so nobody needs to teach us. Woohooo!

When I came out of new age and into the church folks were asking me about vitamins and herbs and I had to tell them it was like opening a Pandora’s box for me. I knew herbs and vitamins were not bad, but God was directing my mind to spiritual healing. We could spend the rest of our lives seeking truth about healing and mental/emotional stability with natural things and psychology when Jesus already did it! Boom! done! That’s who I am now!! Yippie!

Col. 3. If you are risen with Christ, seek those things that are above where Christ sits at the right hand of God. Set you affection (exercise the mind) on things above, not on things on the earth. Exercise the mind…..hmmm yes

I’d rather partake of the leaves of the tree of life to heal the nations. I like to do that! It’s very exciting!

Moving on to a fresh word of God for today! LOL

There are
The greater works
That take more than one person to do
No more
Jesus sent folks out two by two
God will give us
That other person
Like a spouse
We will procreate
Releasing His life on earth
Making all things new