NDE Peter Panagore, Spiritual Conversation

Peter is a United Church of Christ minister in Maine, and was a spiritual moment speaker on Maine Public Radio. He was raised Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic

In his first NDE, following hypothermia in a frozen climbing adventure mishap, Peter was in an illumined darkness out of body and saw all directions like a spiritual eye.

He saw his whole life including sins, but the Divine was with him the whole time, reassuring him that God already knew his faults and humanity. Grace embraced him.

He was 10000 x bigger than when embodied, and saw every life, every person and understood them. He saw his whole life as a created soul, including a segmented trail that were other simultaneous lives.

But Peter focuses on how to live love and life now. He practices yoga and centering prayer. He says he doesn’t “believe in God” because he is beyond all doubt. He knows and continually experiences God! Peter serves as a Christian but sees the Divine in every creature. He wishes to awaken everyone to their own mysticism, own relationship to the Divine.