NDE Sharon Milliman, Meeting Native American Guardian Angel

Gray Eagle passed on from this earthly life in 1935, the same year that Sharon’s mother was born. Sharon’s mother saw Gray Eagle at her bedside at Sharons birth. A historian who heard Sharons story confirmed Gray Eagles existence and Sharon has shared with me actual photos from when he was alive and other artwork done of him.

Gray Eagle’s assignment from God for a time was to teach and guide Sharon. In this interview she talks about the various times that she interacted with Gray Eagle. In a later segment that I will upload soon he coached her on how Reincarnation works. He eventually was reassigned elsewhere.

If you are like me when I first heard about this I wondered if it was . a deception. This is a fair question isn’t it? How I respond to this is that Sharon belongs to Jesus. She is under the protection and care of her Good Shepherd isn’t she? Does our Good Shepherd feed his little lambs to the wolves?

I too have experienced my Spirit guides as much as my faith will allow at this time. Our doubt is ALWAYS a major hurdle the host of heaven are frustrated by.

The way I see it, once we test the spirits and submit ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, we can proceed with confidence.

Here is my full first interview with Sharon from 2018.