Mystical Side of Christianity, with TruthSeekah – SOZO EP0016

Truthseekah (aka Derek) is a hip hop artist who has quite an interesting story. In this interview I asked him how he met Jesus and about his various encounters he has had with Jesus over the years. You’ll get to hear some of my own Jesus story as well.

Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily agree with all my (or Dereks) beliefs in this interview. 🤣 LOL!

No really, as with any interviews at Sozo Talk Radio, I would ask you to search out and discover the Truth with your indwelling Teacher, Holy Spirit and Holy Scriptures… in that order. Be a truth seeker!

How will we love each other well in all our growing pains? Will we still love and accept each other if we are wrong at the current moment about something or another? Every follower of Christ is on a journey to come into alignment with the One who is Perfect Theology! (Please take the time to visit a previous interview entitled, Jesus Christ is Perfect Theology! One of the Best!)


Here is one of Truthseekah’s recent songs which I am currently listening to:

What is interesting about this song, The Knowing, is that the movie by this title is what grabbed my attention in 2010. The film made God SO much more real to me. On the day after watching that film, I started blogging and my first post was about this movie!

Have you ever been struck by the notion that what we call “angels” and “demons” could also be called aliens? Have we desensitized ourselves to their reality by our labels? Could “aliens” be among us? (Derek and I think so, though I prefer the more respectful term, Extraterrestrial).

These beings inhabit the spiritual space around us and often materializing in human form just as the Scriptures tell us. (Hebrews 13:2)

I believe that as Christians, we have inoculated ourselves from the reality of the truth around us. The pursuits of the world have blinded us to the fact that the story laid out in our own Holy Scriptures  is a supernatural one, with angels and demons throughout. We are in the middle of a cosmic war in the heavens. Each side of this war is fighting for us and ultimately we get to choose to whom we belong.  And in our passing, the one to whom we belong will come for us, either Yeshua, your Creator, or the Enemy.

Will you belong to the Light who made you for glory? Or, will you go the way of “the world” (lust and greed and pride) and be corrupted and forfeit the grace that could be yours? (see Jonah 2:8)

Show Notes:


There were so many experiences and deep thoughts that Derek and I discuss in our convo. One of the topics we discuss is our Oneness in Christ. There is a philosophy that explains this Oneness that many in the New Age have embraced called sacred geometry.

Just got to say it:

Sacred Geometry Belongs to Jesus!

Derek and I discuss what the flower of life means. The Flower of Life (on right) is tattooed on his arm and he also wears it around his neck as a reminder that he is connected to, and one with, the rest of the body of Christ (John 17). I think that’s pretty awesome.

I love that Derek has a heart to reach out and connect with those who are into New Age and into the Esoteric. Of course when anyone who is a believer in the Lord Jesus engages in conversation and seeks to relate with spiritual seekers who haven’t yet met the Source firsthand it gets a bit messy. The worst part is the judgements and misunderstandings we suffer from other believers.

For those in the New Age, how could the lines not get blurred of what is true or not when someone is not grounded in the One who is Truth? Is it possible that the source of New Age “truth” comes from the enemy seeking to remove the Source of truth from the truth. Satan seeking to remove you from your salvation. (Jesus name means “I AM your salvation”).

Unless we are in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, we will remain hopelessly lost and confused.

“With the Lord’s authority I say this: Live no longer as the Gentiles do, for they are hopelessly confused.” Ephesians 4:17

The Spiritual Seeker

Both Derek and I have a heart for spiritual seekers because we are spiritual seekers! Has God has made us something of a bridge between “the church” and those of the counterculture? God loves those on the outskirts and even the “atheists”. I sympathize with many “atheists” because honestly, I don’t think the God that they don’t think exists really exists either.

Most “atheists just haven’t met the real Jesus yet and God remains misunderstood as “he” often is. I suppose that’s the occupational hazard for being God.

Do you long to be understood and accepted and loved just as you are? So does God.

But you are in luck! Jesus loves you unconditionally! He loves you too much to not wage war on the sin and unbelief that is destroying you. By the way, Jesus already has dealt with the sin problem. He has dealt a death blow to that insane sense of separation from God manufactured in our own minds by shame and guilt. Jesus has taken the shame and guilt upon himself and removed it forever.

Now we can:

“Come boldly before his throne of Grace and Mercy to receive Help in our time of need”. Hebrews 4:16

So let’s come to Jesus!

Lord Jesus we boldly come before your throne of grace and mercy to receive help in our time of need. We give you all of our guilt, all of our shame, all of our regrets. You died to make them your own and so we give these all to you. Thank you that we can Live free and learn to receive Love. Jesus I pray that we would mystically experience you. Would you give us an encounter with the Holy One. May we have dreams and visions and encounters. Lord may we interact with the Angels among us – our brothers and sisters who serve you in the kingdom of love. We want to know what it is to be loved beyond our wildest dreams by you, our loving heavenly Papa.