Jacob Rasmussen, Photojournalist SOZO EP0019

Jacob Rasmussen, Photojournalist

Enjoy this interview with my new friend Jacob Rasmussen, an American photojournalist. During this interview Jacob was in Batman, Turkey and about to embark for fourteen more days to Iraq. Here are a few photos from his travels in Iraq:

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In our conversation Jacob and I start by talking about our mutual interest in flying aircraft. We then dive into some of Jacobs travel adventures. One of the stories he shares is about a time he became very ill in India, was kidnapped(?), robbed, and dumped in a bad part of the city he was in. After locals lend him a little money he boards the train not knowing exactly where he is or where to go. Miraculously he makes it to his next contact who also happens to be a doctor. What a story!

Jacob in Iraq

Photojournalism with a Spiritual Twist

I loved our conversation about how to love others well in differing cultures by honoring them. As the Scripture says, “Honor all men.”

If you are interested in connecting more directly with Jacob, here is his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/The-Illustrative-Journal