Florian Encounters Jesus, Father Heart Germany – SOZO EP0031

Florian Berndt from Germany shares his amazing testimony of meeting Jesus. He then shares a time when Jesus comes to him as his “Rabbi” (Teacher) and gives him supernatural downloads about our mystical union with God! This seems to be a major theme of this next Great Awakening! God is waking us up to who he is and who we are in him and being united with him.

I had a very similar experience which I share in a Youtube video called Oneness With God (Mystical Union with Christ)!

Florian also shares about how some other saints visited him like St. Francis of Assisi. He reminds us that Elijah and Moses visited with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, so why couldn’t other saints visit us? BTW: Thomas Merton visited Howard Storm who I have interviewed right here on this website.

Enjoy getting to know our amazing brother Florian Berndt. Please connect with him at: https://www.facebook.com/FatherheartGermany