Andre Rabe, Encounter With Jesus #NDE

Enjoy this conversation with Andre Rabe about his Near Death Experience (NDE) where he encounters Jesus. We also discuss some happy theology.

Andre’s Near Death Experience

Andre encountered Jesus at the age of eight after being stung by a scorpion that has been known to cause death in children. Jesus appeared to him holding out both hands. He was inviting Andre to come home with one hand and in the other, the gift of healing.

Andre chose to stay and was miraculously and instantly healed.

Please connect with Andre’s Youtube channel Here:

Andre Rabe’s Youtube Channel

Sovereignty of God

Could it be that we have been wrong all along when we say “God is in control”? What if God just simply doesn’t do “control”? What if free will actually matters? Isn’t it liberating to think that God has entrusted us all with the ability to create and make what we will of this world and shape our own reality and destiny? What will you do with the infinite possiblities that lie before you?

Andre and I discuss how the God of Jesus is the one who continually opens up possibilities for us to walk in. Possibility cannot coexist with certainty. Certainty does indeed offer people a sense of security but often in the form of a prison. Prisons provide security don’t they?

Enjoy this episode where Andre and I discuss these topics and questions and more.

If you are interested in Near Death Experiences, I have interviewed several others which you can peruse in the Archives.

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