A Spiritual Evolution, John MacMurray – SOZO EP0027

“This is the story of a journey towards spiritual change. We invite you to join a conversation that is discovering God is better than we have ever imagined.”

John MacMurray, A Spiritual Evolution

When I was recently introduced to John MacMurray I thought, “Wait a minute. I know that name. Donald Miller!” Indeed John MacMurray cowrote a book originally called To Own a Dragon with one of my favorite authors Donald Miller. I learned that Don even lived at the MacMurray home for about four years!

In this first part of my interview with John, we discuss John’s connection to Donald Miller and his connection to Wm Paul Young, the author of The Shack. (Listen to my interview with Wm Paul Young here)

photo by John MacMurray

Open Table Conference

For several years now John MacMurray, Wm Paul Young, and C. Baxter Kruger have been hosting the Open Table Conference (www.opentableconference.com). They discuss radical orthodox happy theology, which is basically what his book A Spiritual Evolution is all about.

I say “radical” because this means “roots”. MacMurray, Baxter, and Young are returning to the glorious roots of the Christian faith. Besides good and happy theology is rad dude!

I say “orthodox” because this means conforming to established doctrine. Doctrine is another word for the solid teachings of Jesus Christ Himself.

I say “happy theology” because this is God we are talking about. Can you imagine a more joyful Being in all the universes than God? He is the very definition of pure, exquisite, ‘bursting at the seams’, joy inexpressible and FULL of glory!

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